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The Degen Chronicles: A Renaissance

With 42 crisp hundreds lining my pocket and child-like wonder pulsating, Vegas was summoning me from the bowels of hell. But first, I had to take a little detour by Morongo Casino for no particular reason other than recently reading up about Jackson's Seminole Wars and Cherokee policy; felt like the right thing to do.
I smoke a few bowls from my apple piece and do some Tai Chi in the parking structure to immerse into the zone. Within the zone, I am as objective as a poker player as I can comprehend; once the zone crumbles to ego, I am a PLO donk from the pit of eternal suffering and going all in on long shot stock options. It's a perplexing duality to rationalize and live with, though I wouldn't have it any other way. I lost a wee bit under 10k two weeks before with said degeneracy; regardless, there I was harnessing my Chi in the parking structure to redeem myself - maybe I should have been volunteering at a soup kitchen or raising malnourished kittens instead of this self centered quest, but the journey had already commenced..
The only game with an open seat is a 5/10 and I sit down with $666 for my own amusement. The villain of this hand had accidentally revealed his cards to my peaking eyes a few hands before where he floated 2x and bombed a paired board with nothing against a nit. Having known this, I flatted his 3b to 105 with my QQ's because his range is too wide to rip it and checked to him when the board came T95 rainbow, surprisingly he checks back. Turn is a 4 (bringing in clubs) and I lead for 60 to hopefully induce - he flats. River is an offsuit Ace and I check it, he insta rips all in for 550 effective. I ruminate on quantum theory and my mother's abuse, then make the crying call only due to the fact that I saw his donkalicous play before. Sure enough, he flops over 57h and the trip is off to a BANG. After playing tight for another hour and as the table slowly began to break, I walk out with nearly a grand more to my name.
I sat in my Volvo wagon with an American spirit fading to my finger tips and Bach's E Major Partita emitting from mere mm's of my phone's speakers, I realized I had completed the most objective objective of this trip.. The only reason I set off was because my cello "broke" the day before and the degen tingles were too convincing without a bow in hand, now I had more than enough in profit to get my baby tuned up. But who the fuck has the time to act upon their conscience, I'm tryin to GAMBOL! "Vegas, here I come darlin."
I stopped in Barstow to force myself to vomit and then gently placed a tab of LSD under my tongue in ode to Dr. Gonzo. I tried deciphering some meaning in the vast array of stars as I wandered the barren Mojave and after coming up short, I was back to flooring it on the 15. My optics were melting a tad and the road did permeate with my breath, but not an ounce of fear radiated within. I sang my favorite songs from "O Brother Where Art Thou" and didn't think about my ex at all with "You Are My Sunshine," baby steps. With the dusk hue fading as rays of light mustered over the horizon, our beloved capitalist wasteland was within eye shot. Before I could render the inclination of a responsible thought, I was in the Bellagio parking lot smoking weed with some drunk broad beggin for a few bucks to throw on slots - "Ganja is the only charity I provide hon."
After a few orbits at 5/10 with a far too many regs that I recognized and getting a walk with Aces, I stand up right there n then and get the hell out of that nit fest. My soul was aching for 4 cards and there's no forsaking such a ravenous urge, Aria was my destiny.
Due to the fact that live 1/2/5 PLO is actually abbreviated for BINGO, most of my play was incredibly standard and not worth typing out. There was only one hand for which wasn't a cognitive snap decision against a 10/20 pro for whom I had top set and let 3 potential straight combos get there from foolish slow play; after a minute of deciphering the hand and his perception of my image, I called his $400 river bet and got the good news. Aside from that single hand, any domesticated chimp could have been in my seat and it wouldn't have made a difference; the hands played themselves out. After 72 hours of continuous grinding and gettin lucky at 5/5/10, I reached the sacred $4,200 in profit and doubled my trip's first stop loss amount (which I had no intention of adhering to).
With 84 mildly crumpled hundreds in my pocket and that same child-like wonder pulsating; here I am wandering the strip looking for the stories in all these confused faces. But conceptualizing the seemingly infinite dimensionality within even the simplest of folk is futile when I am just as confused; I hope the find what they are looking for or find that the looking is the fun part, who the fuck knows. I appears as though the next leg of my journey is to visit my childhood home in southern Utah and commit Felony arson in spite of my mother - or I might just keep degening away. Only time will tell.

Safe travels comrades.
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Konfidential KUWTK Producer Secrets: Season 19, Episode 5 - "Sister, Sister and a Babymoon"

Hello my fellow poor people! Welcome to this week's “Malikas Kards Konfidential," inside production details/family notes from KUWTK’s last episode, “Sister, Sister and a Babymoon”
Needing 2 weeks of multiple health screens after watching this Malika-filled episode, producers surprised us with a trip to Morongo where we could pretend that we really care about the Malikas just for a brief moment in time. They gambled, put their own health at risk, discussed the horrors of giving birth to a person that’s about to pop, and honestly, nothing more. I realize that for most people, this episode is something so far out of reach from the normal Kardashian realm, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded why this show is coming to an end. #ThisIsTorture
Our A-plot is Khloe taking Malika on a babymoon, something that is apparently a very real thing, and our B-plot was Corey v. Kendall. Let’s dive in before we're all haunted by Robert Kardashian's hologram!
Cold Open/Scene 1: Kourtney and Kim discuss Kendall/Kylie fight
Scene 2: Kim and Khloe talk about the fight while Kourtney sits in the corner and says nothing
Scene 3: Kim, Khloe and Scott talk about the fight + Malika's babymoon
Scenes 4/5: Malika sits through labor horror stories during her baby moon lunch + en route to Malika's favorite spot in the world, Morongo
Scene 6: Kylie breaks away from STASSSIE BABBBYYY to fulfill her contractual obligations by participating in a scene w/Kris at her office
Scene 7: Khloe, Khadijah and the other girl day players celebrate Malika in their Morongo suites
Scene 8: A future boring plot is SAVED by Corey reading Kendall for the "asshole" that she really is
Scenes 9/10: Malika celebrates International Women's Day by telling the world she don't give a flying FUCK about her baby daddy's business + Khloe, Malika and their day players risk their health by playing in the casino amid a pandemic
Scene 11: This trip seems to never end as Khloe, Malika and their day players head to dinner
Scene 12: This episode still drags on as Malika gives her baby a real kick by drinking caffeine
Scene 13: Corey and Kris talk about the phone call w/Kendall
Scene 14: Khloe, masked up, is graced by a visit from Kris... who is shook by the new mask culture
Scene 15: Kendall shoots her Architectural Digest cover
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I'd like to plan a day trip to a nearby casino at some point. No clue what the easiest way is

I'm in South OC, and I know of Pechanga, San Manuel, and Morongo.
They all seem to be between 1.5 and 2 hours drive from me. What I'd like to do is take a shuttle there and back so I can just play on my phone or something during the drive if that's possible.
Surely some of you have been to at least one of these casinos. How did you plan your trip? Did you just hop in your car and go? Did you enjoy it? I prefer table games (craps and let it ride with some roulette thrown in), how were they? What's the min bet?
Anything else you'd like to tell me about getting to/avoiding these places (or some place else you know of) is appreciated :)
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Need help tracking down lost/stolen phone. I have GPS coordinates and some photos after it was taken.

My brother was out at some clubs in L.A. on Friday night, 6/5/15 and woke up without his phone. He came to me for help and I tracked the location history. It shows the phone in Casino Morongo until 10:50am on Saturday 6/6. The next location is back in L.A. for just one minute on Sunday, 6/7 at 4pm at Santa Monica Blvd and N Genessee Ave. I noticed that there are some pawn shops around there which is where I assumed it was taken. Luckily, the auto photo backup feature was turned on and the person took photos with the phone. It's not much to go on, but if anyone recognizes where these were taken, please let me know.
Edit: Here is a screenshot of the last location information I have. Map
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Met my friend from high school at a casino today

I was waiting in line at a buffet at Morongo Casino when about 2 hours in the wait time I looked up from my phone and saw her. We never dated and I never really had a crush on her, but it's been a while since I've seen any of my high school friends. She's attending Westpoint college in New York and is only in So. Cal for 2 weeks, so the odds of me meeting her here of all places were really astonishing. My parents got tired of waiting in the line so they decided to leave. It's really something when you see someone who's been gone for so long.
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Mariachi vargas en morongo casino 2016.07.29 Ben Folds (Live At Morongo Casino) - Phone In A Pool Good Times at Morongo! DJ Diamond for Won $832 at Morongo Casino on a 50cent bet. - YouTube Morongo Casino Reel Morongo Casino pool 1

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa: A Luxury Southern California Hotel and Casino. Read More An enticing oasis sprawled across 44 scenic acres at the foothills of California’s brilliant San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains, Morongo Casino Resort & Spa is the crown jewel of California casinos. Offering premier Las Vegas-style gaming a world away from Vegas, but less than 90 miles from Los Angeles ... Casinos Increasingly Demand Visitors Wear Only Cloth or Surgical Masks to Curb COVID-19 Spread. Posted on: September 2, 2020, 05:55h. Last updated on: September 2, 2020, 10:59h. Escape to Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. Where premier gaming, luxury accommodations and exciting entertainment come together in stunning accord, Morongo Casino Resort & Spa beckons guests from near and far to experience our unmatched Palm Springs spa resort and casino. Test your luck across 150,000 square feet of gaming action or reset and refresh at Oasis Pool, just steps from our full-service ... Morongo Casino Resort Phone Number also enjoy game-show style casino games, both online and on mobile at this casino. These games include MONOPOLY Live and Dream Catcher. These two games both work on the concept of a big wheel spinning, where the outcome all depends on Morongo Casino Resort Phone Number where the pointer on the wheel stops. Shop for morongo casino art from the world's greatest living artists. All morongo casino artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite morongo casino designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Morongo Gaming Agency; Public Safety Menu Toggle. Emergency Services; Fire; Reservation Patrol; Reservation Services Menu Toggle. Environmental Protection; Public Works; Transportation; Water ; Social Services Menu Toggle. Child and Family; Community Center; Elders Program; Morongo Tribal TANF; Employment; Login; Search for: Home. Contact Human Resources; Contact Human Resources. Name ... Welcome to GOplay, Morongo Casino, Resort & Hotel's online rewards program. Join to play 100% free games, participate in member-exclusive promotions, earn casino rewards and more. Signup to become a GOplayer now! Morongo Casino Phone Number. The bonus offers introduced to you at SlotCatalog will probably be relying on which area you’re visiting from. Because of this if you are visiting SlotCatalog from the United Kingdom, you’ll be displayed UK casino bonuses from casinos licenced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. So, it’s necessary to have the ability to see an up-to-date checklist of ... The Morongo Casino Phone Number processing of personal data is exclusively managed to the end of account maintenance for use of Morongo Casino Phone Number the services as offered by Slotty Vegas. Prize pool: 300% up to $2000. Casino review -50 Free Spins Bonus on Rainbow Slots18+ Only. T&Cs Apply . Moldova-Bonus code was invalid Visit casino + 40 spins. 32Red Casino - Welcome Bonus 18+, T&C ... Currently, Morongo’s casino has 150,000 square feet of gaming space, with more than 2,600 slots and 74 table games. The venue also has a 400-seat bingo hall. The venue also has a 400-seat bingo ...

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Mariachi vargas en morongo casino

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue This video was uploaded from an Android phone. DJ Diamond for "Playmate Pink Party" Morongo Casino, CA 2012. Clip of Ben Folds live in concert. Morongo Casino California - Duration: 0:45. John Sedona 303 views. 0:45. Good Times at Morongo - Duration: 2:34. morongotv 5,814 views. 2:34. Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007 - Duration: 10:20 ... Samurai slot.